Stay With Us, Lord

By Girasol. Stay with us, Lord, as we journey through this day, through this life. We are wayfarers. The path is unclear, the past confusing, the future uncertain. Our hearts are downcast, our spirits are sad. You begin to speak to us as we walk along. You speak words...

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Waiting for Orders

By Penny. It was the day before I was due to leave Walsingham, England's Nazareth, and head back down to London for my flight home. I'd hoped that by that stage I would have figured out some answers: do I have a religious vocation? If so, where? And when? My...

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A Shrine in the Ruins

By Penny. This is - or rather, was - Creake Abbey in Norfolk in the south-east of England, built in the thirteenth century and left to fall into ruins in the sixteenth. Just for once, it wasn't Henry VIII's fault: the small community of canons who lived in the abbey...

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The Rosary: A Prayer for Comfort

By Lucia Delgado. For most of my life, I prayed often. I prayed for my family, friends, the country, and the whole world. When I entered the Catholic Church in 2004, my prayer life was under development. I was introduced to the Rosary by the Dominican friars and they...

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