Feast of Saint Gemma Galgani

Burdened all her life by chronic illness, Gemma Galgani longed to become a Passionist nun, but was forced to surrender this desire to God when it became clear that her health would not allow it. She died on the 11th of April 1903, at the age of twenty-five. On this, her Feast day, let us ask for her intercession in discerning the will of God in the joys and disappointments of our lives.

The prayer of Saint Gemma Galgani:

O my crucified God, behold me at Your feet; do not cast me out, now that I appear before You as a sinner. I have offended You exceedingly in the past, my Jesus, but it shall be so no longer. Before You, O Lord, I place all my sins; I have now considered Your own sufferings and see how great is the worth of that Precious Blood that flows from Your veins. O my God, at this hour close Your eyes to my want of merit, and since You have been pleased to die for my sins, grant me forgiveness for them all, that I may no longer feel the burden of my sins, for this burden, dear Jesus, oppresses me beyond measure. Assist me, my Jesus, for I desire to become good whatsoever it may cost; take away, destroy, utterly root out all that You find in me contrary to Your holy will. At the same time, I pray to You Lord Jesus, to enlighten me that I may be able to walk in Your holy light. Amen.