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Get Back Up Again

We all know how embarrassed we get when we fall, especially when we fall in front of others. One day, this past summer, my mom took my little sisters and me to see Jurassic Park on an outdoor movie screen (yes, I screamed whenever the dinos ate someone 😛 ), and my mom had to get up before the movie started, and she ended up tripping over the rope right into the “aisle” of grass! She was all right, but the band that was playing on the stage before the movie stopped playing and the lead singer asked if she was okay, and told her not to be embarrassed because everyone falls, they just need to get back up again. My mom’s face turned bright red! Not only had she fallen, but it had been announced to everyone present (and now I’m telling this story to you all too 😉 don’t tell my mom, okay?)!

Now, picture this, it wasn’t my mom who fell, it was the Creator of the Universe. And He was not “all right” even before He fell; He was bruised and bloodied even before He hit the earth. Jesus falls. What an earth-shattering moment, when the Creator of the earth fell in weakness into the dust. He fell for us. Just at the beginning of Lent we had ashes drawn on our foreheads in the shape of a cross; “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” These ashes reminded us that our sin has kept us from Christ, now we must be sorry for our sins and return to Christ; we must get back up again. Just as Christ got back up again; He picked up His cross and re-started His journey to Calvary.

Let us follow in Christ’s Footsteps. We know we will fall for we are weak, just as Christ also fell because He had taken on our weaknesses. But like Him too, we must get back up again. Jesus made it to His final destination, to His purpose: to save us from our sins, no matter how many times He fell; we also will make it to our ends, no matter how many times we fall, as long as we rely on Christ, our Strength.

By Josephine.

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