In honor of St. Joseph the Worker, I thought I’d write a little update about the ministry on launch week. Thank you for checking out the page!

May 1 is an opportunity to reflect on labor and work and this ministry has certainly involved a great deal of hard work by a fantastic team. But we would not have been able to do this without the prayers of so many people. The outpouring of support these last two days has been phenomenal.

Today’s Gospel was from John 15, where Jesus speaks of the vine and the branches. You can read it here.

This is a beautiful passage for reflection, and I think it holds special significance for anyone who has left the religious life or seminary. As Msgr. Reilly said at Mass today, pruning means changing and thus growth. Though returning back to the world can feel like a death, one can view it as “extreme pruning.”

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God bless, and St. Joseph, pray for us!

By Theresa Jasko

Theresa is currently the President of Leonie’s Longing. You can read more about her on the “Our Board” page.

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