Today is the Feast Day of Blesseds Louis &  Zélie Martin, the parents of Léonie Martin (our namesake!) and of St. Thérèse. In their honor, we offer you a few short quotes and a prayer.

“If the Blessed Virgin doesn’t cure me, I shall implore her to cure my child, Léonie, to develop her mind and to make her a saint.” ~ Zélie Martin, in a letter to her brother

“Léonie will love God very much, and will be good to everyone.” ~ Zélie Martin, shortly before her death

“When Léonie left the Visitandines, he did not complain; he never reproached God for not having answered his prayers to send his daughter a vocation. Indeed, it was with a kind of joy that he went to meet her. Léonie spent her time in Lisieux visiting the sick and the dying and doing house work.” ~ St. Thérèse speaking of her father

[All quotes from the book Léonie Martin, A Difficult Life, by Marie Baudouin-Croix]

Prayer for the Canonization of Blesseds Louis and Zélie Martin

God of eternal love, You gave us Blesseds Louis and Zélie Martin, the parents of Léonie and St. Thérèse, as an example of holiness in marriage. They remained faithful to You and Your commandments in all the duties and trials of life. They desired to raise their children to become saints. May their prayers and example help Christian family life to blossom in our world today. If it be Your will, grant us the grace we now ask of You through the intercession of Blesseds Louis and Zélie Martin, and let them be counted among the Saints of the Church. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Blesseds Louis and Zélie, pray for us as you prayed for your children.

Many thanks to Jacqueline Thérèse for providing quotes and prayer!

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