Hello everybody,

This is my first official announcement as Blog Mistress, which is quite exciting (for me, at least)!

Jenni contacted me at the end of June this year to ask whether I could look after the Leonie’s Longing blog during her journey to Europe – and, cheerfully unaware of the steep technological learning curve ahead of me, I said yes. After a couple of weeks of flooding both Jenni and Theresa with emails (“How does the Index function work? Why can’t I open the Topics document? Heeeeeelp!”), I had finally learnt enough to avoid mangling the blog hopelessly if left in charge of it, and Jenni set off across the Pond.

I’m pleased to let you know that she returned safely from her travels earlier this week, so, in theory, this is the point at which I should step aside and hand the blog back to her. But actually, I kind of like it here. No… to be more accurate, I really like it here: it’s an enormous privilege to get to know you, the authors and readers at Leonie’s Longing, and to hear the stories that have brought you here to this unique website. I have therefore accepted the post of Blog Mistress indefinitely – and am looking forward to it!

You’ll still see Jenni around: she has returned to her position as Vice President of Leonie’s Longing, and wanted to mention that my taking over the blog will free her to do other things for the ministry. I’d like to thank her for teaching me the ropes, and for offering me the chance to become involved with LL and the fantastic work that it does.

Any questions, comments and ideas for blog posts can be sent to me at blogcontent[at]leonieslonging.org. You’ll also see me pottering around the site as Penny Rose – please feel free to say hello!

In Christ,



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