This week, we have an interactive activity lined up! Some of you may have played “Mad Libs” before, but if not, all will be explained below.

In this game, I write a story (with, of course, a convent-related theme) for publication at the end of the week, but leave blank certain words throughout. In the meantime, I’ll tell you the kinds of words that I need to complete the story, and you are invited to submit them in the comments below. The final story will include a combination of different people’s answers – please be as imaginative and humorous as you like!

Here’s what we need…

1: Saint’s name

2: Place name

3: Number

4: Two more Saints’ names

5: Three verbs

6: Adjective

7: Another Saint’s name

8: Three household objects

9: Ancient Roman name (male)

10: Number

11: Occupation

12: Name of a hymn

Read the completed story here!

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