We’re pleased to bring you a short clip from the Mass on the 22nd of January at which Leonie Martin was declared a Servant of God, and the Cause for her beatification opened. The announcement is in French, so we’ve provided a translation below.


The speech by Monsignor Jean-Claude Boulanger of the Diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux begins: 

I have the power to announce to you that on the 18th of December I accepted the request of our Visitation Sisters to open the cause of beatification and of canonisation for Sister Francoise-Therese, known in the world under the name of Leonie Martin, born in 1863, and who entered into life in 1941, to use the expression of her sister Saint Therese.

As of this date, the 18th of December, Sister Francoise-Therese will be known as a Servant of God.

He then states the the bishops of the province of Normandy have given a favourable response to the introduction of this Cause, which will now be taken to Rome in the hope of a declaration of canonization in approximately seven years.

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