By Maria Jacinta.

Have any of you ever made a list of the qualities you would want in a husband? I certainly have.

After leaving the convent, I wondered (and still am) if I am called to be married. I am not at the point where I can start dating and have not received a legitimate call to the vocation, but I cannot help to think about what I would want in a husband if I were to get married. I believe it is wise to have an idea as to what we want. It’s not healthy to be too strict about it or we may not find anyone. After all there is no “perfect man”, except for Jesus. It is also not healthy to lower the bar and settle for anyone.

I came across an interesting article on a blog called “Single Catholic Girl” that spoke about the qualities we can look for in a husband. She started out with a long list of qualities in the “perfect man”, which I found to be quite humorous. Then she suggested that we narrow it down to 4 qualities.

So here my question to those who feel called to be married: what four qualities would you look for?

I actually came up with five. Here they are:

1) Practicing Catholic who goes beyond the minimum requirements

2) Making enough money so I can be a stay-at-home mom

3) Knows what it truly means to be a man, a husband and a father and is living it

4) Handsome

5) Loves God more than he loves me, but at the same time, loves / cherishes me for who I am

Feel free to comment on any you come up with!

Here is the article (now archived on the Wayback Machine):

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