We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You. Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

Meditations on the Wounds of Christ

The Head of Christ~ The Head of Christ, which is eternally adorned with the glorious halo of His Father’s Love, consented to be crowned instead with thorns, placed on His Head by unworthy human hands, pierced over and over by those thorns. Lord, may I suffer as You did, bearing all sufferings, great and small, in love.

The Back of Christ~ Ah, those first wounds of Christ, scourged mercilessly at the pillar. No words can describe Your suffering, beaten and bloodied for no sins of Your own. For us You bore this pain. Lord give me strength to bear any sufferings You grant me this day.

The Feet of Christ~ The Precious Feet of Jesus, that bore His weight and the weight of the Cross up to Calvary. I love those Feet that had nails driven into them, all for love. Lord, may I always walk in Your Footsteps.

The Hands of Christ~ The poor, wounded, bloodied Hands of Christ, outstretched to envelop the whole world; how could one not rush into His Hands? They were pierced as punishment for our sins, their open sores speak of such love and pain, suffering and compassion. Lord, may I always rush into Your loving Hands.

The Side of Christ~ Oh, most holy Side of Christ, pierced for my sake; how could I not love You, Lord, who bore this wound for me? A wound so close to Your divine Heart, and yet You loved me even then, and still do love me now. Oh, Side of Christ, in which the cruel lance of the soldier plunged, I adore and take refuge there, so close to my Saviour’s Heart.

~John 19:1-37~
By Josephine.

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