Just in time for International Women’s Day, Cinnamon turns on the snark.

After giving it some thought, I have concluded that the Catholic Church is irredeemably sexist and oppressive. I will have to strike out on my own and found one that doesn’t treat women as second-class citizens.







Seriously, the Catholic Church has a patron saint of housewives (the docile little Saint Martha)

Saint Martha WMC








but I challenge you to find a Catholic woman who ever led an army








or turned one back in its tracks







or faced down a lion like a boss.

Sacred_and_legendary_art_(1895)_(14750412786) WMC








All through the ages, women have been forced to submit blindly to the pope

Witterschnee_Kirche_Decke_2c WMC







to the bishops

SantaTeresa WMC







and even to their own brothers!








In my church, however, women will be valued for more than their virginity

Charles_de_La_Fosse_-_Christ_Appearing_to_Mary_Magdalene WMC







or their beauty

Saint_Dominic_Parish_Church_Naval_Quezon_Cityfvf WMC CC Judgefloro







or their physical fragility and dependence on men for protection.

Saint Bakhita WMC







The heroines of my church will be scientists

Saint Hildegard of Bingen WMC








Edith_Stein-Student_at_Breslau_1913-1914 WMC








Therese 2 WMC







and physicians.







No longer will we take as our inspiration the passivity of the Virgin Mary.

Exterminatrix of Heresy







We will find a role model who can empathize with us in our sufferings.

Nd_des_7_douleurs_a_taisnieres_sur_hon WMC







I want to belong to a Church that respects and values women

545px-Ghent_Altarpiece_D_-_Women WMC







and treats them as the equals of men.

Don’t you?

Madonna Orvieto WMC









Image credits: the image of Blessed Margaret of Castello is used under Creative Commons License, CC BY S-A 4.0. The owner is Judgefloro.

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