By Maid of Orleans.Crayer Crucifixion Magdalene WMC

There she stood in an ocean of tears;

The flood of memories return in a flash.

Sorrow, suffering, and pain appear;

The untold shame of the deeds of her past.

They haunt and they pierce, these memories bleed;

The time is now gone, high was the cost.

A voice of warning calls her to heed;

Battle-weary, yet still not lost.

On she must fight, the war will wage;

The passionate cry for courage will sound.

A fresh chapter begins as she turns the page;

A new path to travel must now be found.

Hearts are broken, yet there is still Light;

Am I willing to follow, can I believe?

Hope and Faith in Him will set me aright;

His Truth and His Goodness will never deceive.

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