Hello all,

It’s been a pretty tough year for Leonie’s Longing, all told. Every time we got a tech issue fixed after the hack last October, it would come back with seven others worse than itself – the malfunctioning email system, the broken links, the corrupted text on every single page… it was dire.

That’s why our Technology Coordinator has been re-building the site from the ground up, clearing out any remnants of the hack and giving it a more sophisticated, modern look in the process. It’s taken many, many hours of hard work, but what you see before you today is the end result of that labour of love.

Please take a few moments to celebrate with us! You can watch a video about Leonie’s Longing, specially designed for the official launch of our new site…

or simply have a look around and try out the new drop-down menus; why not have a click through the archives and re-discover some of your old favourites?

As ever, you can get in touch with me for all blog-related matters at blogcontent[at]leonieslonging.org, or for anything else, please visit https://leonieslonging.org/contact-us/ and drop us a line.

Thank you for all your prayers and support – here’s to a brighter year ahead!

God bless,





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